Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Krypteia - (Rigellian Capriccio)

(initiation mystery)

Galis, Petris and Rokas
Wait in uncertainty
For Osmos to appear from Desmos'
They've drawn hoods over
Helmets and sickle like, Egyptian
Swords hold on their chests
Strapped thick leather girdles
And secrete sweat

We're going, calls them Osmos and
Moves into the night, amongst rough
Fig leaves

Osmos knows the path well
When he leads – no stumbling occurs!

They cross Lefkopotamos without
Wetting their feet

They cross the acacia grove without
A scratch

In a dale there is a dormitory with
Crowded huts

Doors must be opened
When someone is inside

Children sleep in children

Men and women sleep

Mothers with sucklings in special
Huts, foursome

There are no old men and women

The name of the dormitory is Katorga

There are no dogs

Down the settlement is a watermill
And a treadmill

Kitchen is under open roof

In the hut over there is Agroianis
He is to be killed

Galis, Petris and Rokas
Break into the hut and shout
Agroianis! Agroianis!
Persa, Iana and Myka scream
Agroianis is winded but makes no
Sound, gets up
Vendelos and Carp shout
Galis, Petris and Rokas
Hit with dull blade of
Egyptian sickle-like swords randomly upon
Heads and shoulders
Agroianis! Agroianis!
Agroianis throws himself at Petris
Rokas and Galis slaughter him and
Tear him apart with hooked tips
Of their weapons

From other huts no sound can be
Osmos fidgets where he stands and watches

Galis, Petris and Rokas
Beat Vendelos and Carp into
Then rape Persa, Iana and Myka who

Fowl in chicken coop is restless
Could it be a weasel?

Carp drowns in Agroianis' blood

Galis, Petris and Rokas
Step outside adjusting
Their helmets and hoods

Osmos critically watches
Lets go!
He takes them on a slow walk through

Not a sound can be heard from huts

Fowl quieted rests

The quarter ritually stops
In front of each entrance

No one speaks