Wednesday, April 29, 2015

lets use them to dig our graves - искористимо их да нам ископау гроб

lets use them to dig our graves

the philosophy of capitalism
failed structurally
forgot to burry in

искористимо их да нам ископау гроб

филозофија капитализма
пропаде структурално
заборави да се сарани у

buddho among bayonets - будо међу бајунетама

buddho among bayonets

where is he he's among
there he says you are wrong
bob sponge

будо међу бајунетама

где је он он је међу
камо вели е си грешни
сунђер боб

Saturday, April 18, 2015

хаику - haiku


тело је у одлажењу
мисли су у распаду
слободан сам


body departs
thoughts are apart
i am free

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

the old men of old - старински људи старине


the old men of old

when men invented sun
water was everywhere

старински људи старине

када су људи измислили сунце
вода је била посвуда

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

shallow waters - плићак


shallow waters

nice lukewarm dip
meowing under window
tolerance is tight


пријатно млако умакање
маукање под прозором
трпљење тесно

everything by the plan - све је по плану

everything by the plan

god's plan is people
stay stupid
and everyone is doing their
so yeah, there is god and god
has a plan

све је по плану

божји план је да људи
остану глупи
и сви дају све од себе
тако да, постоји бог и бог
има план

Sunday, April 12, 2015

pavlov's generator - павловљев генератор


pavlov's generator

tooth for tooth
shit for shit

павловљев генератор

зуб за зуб
говно за говно

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

fear is command - страх је наређење

fear is command

must obey fear
save dear life
disobedience is death
is there another definition of
there ain't

страх је наређење

мора се поштовати страх
спасити мили живот
непослушност је смрт
има ли још нека одредница

counseling - саветовање


i haven't noticed
cancelling smoking
made the world
better place
on the contrary
perhaps cancelling
religions would
make it work
how about

next episode: water


нисам приметио да је
забрана пушења
учинила свет
можда би забрана религија
то постигла
или на пример

у следећој епизоди: вода

Monday, April 6, 2015

fool moon domesticated - пун месец одомаћен

fool moon domesticated

i see moon in daylight
moon sheds

пун месец одомаћен

видим месец по дану
месец се лиња

stone henge is accelerator

stone henge is accelerator

just  sit in window
eliptically rotate
king is focal point
world is mascarade

Saturday, April 4, 2015

love cap - ограничење љубави

love cap

there are few words to
cap human mind to the scratch

ограничење љубави

има неколико речи које
ограничавају људски ум на нулти

Exploiting children for profit is capitalism or pedophilia? - Искориштавање деце зарад користи је капитализам или педофилија?

Exploiting children for profit is capitalism or pedophilia?


Искориштавање деце зарад користи је капитализам или педофилија?


Feeling disgust in face of truth is heavy slave conditioning - Осећање гађења пред лицем истине је тешко робовско условљавање

Feeling disgust in face of truth is heavy slave conditioning

Love is suicide by emotion
Love is grave of intellect
Love is the other face of hatred

Осећање гађења пред лицем истине је тешко робовско условљавање

Љубав је самоубиство емоцијом
Љубав је гроб интелекта
Љубав је друго лице мржње

sophocles was a cunt - софокле је био пичка

sophocles was a cunt

god plays tennis
and bigots are many
let be girls
for sturdy marine
flower = love machine
gun = faith in tennis balls

софокле је био пичка

бог игра тенис
а верника је много
нека буде девојака
за грубе војнике
цвет = љубавна машина
пушка = вера у тениске лоптице

Friday, April 3, 2015



For some reason art and philosophy stay undefined and the reason for that is...?
Reason is a tool of compliance (complacency) and as such it is improper as a tool of decision. Decision means science, because of the "cutting" essence of the concept (scire). Despite this, for political reasons, the Age of Reason was synonymized with the Age of Science, reason being enthroned as the analytical tool par excellence - a meta-fact that will be demystified here.
I should have added "political" before "tool of compliance". Being authoritarian, the politics needs permanent self approval and any resistance is futile - that is the nature of authority. It is, by the way, the nature of all things, the main survival drive and is the very thing responsible for the "war among all", as Heraclites once observed. Heraclites was a pre-Socratic philosopher who clearly understood the necessity of being authoritarian as an author and his philosophy is known as the art of statements, for statement cuts off the need for discourse (i.e. criticism).
I am playing here with words, but it makes a lot of sense, actually. The question remains, as Pilatus blundered in the New Testament: What is truth? Anyone can play authoritarian. And so what's the big deal!
Seems that truth belongs to the stronger, however, it is so only if the philosophy is in function of justifying imposition of truth as the law. Otherwise, truth has no pretense of projecting itself over the untrue. The reason for this is truth being originally outside the domain of speculation (arbitrariness). That is - by definition. Truth is absolute (authority), however, the only place authority is not challenged is outside the realm of reactivity (the realm of permanent war).
Lets make a small digression. The intent to write this article was to prove something - that is authoritarian. At the same time I don't want to prove something which can be challenged. That is scientific, for I aim for undeniable proof. What exactly is a tool which will consume all possible doubts and challenges and thus reach the state of absoluteness?
Logic is often used as proving tool, but it can easily be challenged for logic is based on axioms, which cannot be confirmed as true, they need to be accepted consensually. Which is arbitrary and as such - untrue. Actually, beyond domain of truth.
On the other hand, logic is a perfected reason. That's all reason can be: logical, reasonable (self confirming).
Perfection is censorship. This is a statement, and you are welcome to destroy it if you can. But you can't. Logic only functions if it discriminates. Logic discriminates and selects complacent elements, from which then the arrangement is made. Therefore, logical (reasonable) truth is selected versus discarded, discriminated quality. In this sense, reason is the same as perception (the senses) which function in the same manner - by discriminating. Eye discriminates intensity of light and various frequencies as color. Same with other senses. This gives us the picture of the world, it is the world. Now, lets question truthfulness of this.
Empiricism fails to address personal experience. It will continue to look for explanations which are based on observations; thus it ends up describing (confirming) itself (creating tautologies). God confirms the King.
Contrary to the belief that careful description of the observed leads to truth, art and philosophy aim at insight (intuition). However, art will not bother itself with commenting, it will simply emphasize the absurd, thus creating a metaphysical (opposed to empirical) machine which reason will proclaim "meaningless" for its lack of logical "connection" - by doing so reason falls into its own mouth (will never admit that though).
Contrary to art, philosophy will aim for precise definition by analyzing the absurd - which can never be the object of reason. The effect is the same: both art and philosophy end up deconstructing the logic. Reason is thus left outside their realm as delusional.
Historically, the Age of Reason separated science from philosophy, and by doing so ends up claiming that mathematical truths can produce reality even if there is no empirical proof (Higgs boson), or that there are "gravity waves emanating from the imaginary point of Big Bang". Just how did it happen that mathematics became a "sense"?
Reason systematically confuses engineering (manipulation) with science (analysis). Philosophy would never allow that, so philosophy was ousted by the inquisition (time mark: Galileo Galilei), for authority of arbitrary rule tolerates no criticism. It can move but it cannot question!
The Age of Reason dealt with art in a specific way: it never questioned its importance directly, indirectly it used art's own nature (the abstract) to treat it as a raw resource which must be distilled before usage. Thus, the auxiliary elements of art, like decorativeness, spectacularity or simple cuteness were emphasized due to marketability; but the essence of art would be left alone for it can not be perceived by empirical mind.
Andy Warhol nailed the last nail introducing consumability as pragmatical value of art (rediscovering America) promoting blue collars and suits into authentic consumers of art.

Big win for Reason for it never stops marketing itself.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

give them serotonin - дајте им серотонин

give them serotonin

turkey will be happy
matrix happy
what is the color of marble sea?
the hammer!

дајте им серотонин

турска ће бити срећна
као материца
која је боја мраморног мора?

have you tried grenland

have you tried grenland

frozen slime brain
help others be nice

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

global informatics

global informatics

drink dust antarctica
you killed cervantes
he had rivers