Sunday, August 31, 2014

the cannibal machine - људождерка машина


the cannibal machine

this machine knows no idyll
it has a bar and a noose
and is housed in cement
feeds by elevators
corn fields are its bed
peasants are you
dinner are you
for the first night it has right
but you say no
there you go

људождерка машина

ова машина не зна идилу
има шипку и омчу
и укопана је у цемент
хране је лифтови
кукурузна поља јој кревет
сељак си ти
вечера си ти
на прву ноћ полаже право
ако л' кажеш не
то ти је све




снурила га у дубине
река живота
доле доле доле доле
рукавци живота
доле доле доле доле
жилице живота
доле доле доле доле
рачићи живота



he was taken down by the
river of life
down down down down
by rivulets of life
down down down down
by capillaries of life
down down down down
by cancers of life

sugar mug cougar


sugar mug cougar

happy is the cow is dead
is enviable
happy cow peeled hack
dad hacks peeled cows
pink shaved cow gutted
with my dad in guts
he erected enviable action
pink peeled hack
gut in paled abortion
that's me
body spread

Saturday, August 30, 2014

озбиљна ствар


озбиљна ствар

правим комарце од дима цигарете
мажем их на путер и гле крваве мармеладе
ал ево шта мислим под тим
гомила тајни и шта је за њима
гле нечије дупе
а свет је озбиљан о том
не дирај бре гузице
држ се подаље и гази бубице
мораш се плашити страхова тих буља
рака да рака
немо да пушиш, разумеш?
мора се плашиш рака
јер га се гузице боје

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

where is my teledirected


where is my teledirected
(themes for the future)

preparing for heroic events
consummation tangerine
trixy boolean enigmatic women

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

joe meets jordan brown


joe meets jordan brown
(themes for the future)

i was visiting kibbutz tokyo
for a seminary on global lobotomy
at mishima tea museum
where shinoyama's hazel blood rests
along the sword that chopped
fuji's head off
and there was jordan brown resurrected
choking on sour cherries

with ocean of matsuhara
heaving its spring mist
i looked at the man whose torso
towered above blue chicory ikebana
florets on his chin
an impressionist would extrapolate
beads of sweat
or stars in his eyes
but i could only see fire in this beast

i carefully removed fruit from his mouth
and wiped clean corners
peeked inside and found trigger tooth
it had to be activated by a kiss
so i hired a geisha to do the dirty job
and start the machinery

giant leaves of a ficus variation
kept me cool as jordan brown
reverberated hadron goo into
lepton poo galaxy building malt
hurling all the surviving scientists
since the trial of galilei
back in time to the point of reset
putting galileo on stake
i asked him: why?
he said: cause it's all fake

the present confirms history's blasphemy
interpolation of land and sea
and separation of mind and body
the massive reflection scattered within
its own perfection
the entrails of fukushima
and activity of overgrown social cores
resulting in transverberate spores
emitting stupidity
do you agree?

i was drowsy on geisha's belly
couldn't even nod my head
so i gave him a thumb-up

Monday, August 25, 2014

all ways are gang ways


all ways are gang ways

preacher in preaching gown
preaching gown

boring audience
socializing autumn
disequal prominence
wall of ears
jobless caves
unbuttoned eloquence

and when gangs go to war
there is mustering gangs
and gangways are full
preachers preaching gangs
and audience is jobless
ear cavity explode
plantation workers kneel
women beg
jobs will resurrect
pray for merciful liberty
it walks hidden roads
and blesses uneven
fallout foggy bliss
played out flocks
gather alms
for dried out
gang banged

and joe was fishing


and joe was fishing
(themes for the future)

i was walking europa
short small piece
murky rock and foamy spit
i was affection memory green
rocky terrain and wallowing sea
mutated retardation long stroll
over the speckled karst
turned ankle crusty knee
eating salt
fine, i thought, i'm doing fine
and pans banging empty squid
i was bleeding blood
into mouthpools of siphonic
mummies relief in faults
of glacial scum
cold cleanness of slit
precarious shallows
they all formed around as
aural cause
and people caught in social
bearing compassion
embezzled diaries
cold and warm shade and spot
joe licked finger and touched the pulp
the iron taste and mercury

ceaselessly emotional


ceaselessly emotional

my paradigmatic mother
is always on the watch
what she sees belongs to her
but she knows very little
basically she's the government

a living line of program


a living line of program

when you issue orders
some people will execute
a machine will scramble
sky will open
spit will fire
torment will calumniate
pretense will distort
you will end
silence will end
all in stomach
all in pathogen
you run for it
then you run from it

Saturday, August 23, 2014

dismantling the pyramid

dismantling the pyramid

read bible's yellow pages
for more information

from time immemorial
there was a need
to consume humanlings

the little -lings
who crawl and brawl
and sweat caviar

first there was
a pro-life force to protect
fruit of the sin
and destroy attempt to
spread contempt

then as -lings gathered and
seemed to connect
usage of force was introduced
to curb disrespect

in order to emotionalize
their longing for freedom
a story was made up
of the leap escape

as in with god's help
the people were chosen
to settle the holy sand and
croak in advert

until then
god used to appear to
dirty old men
in bushes or cacti
but a way was devised
to bring him down among
decent people who
abide in yachti

temples were built
with golden boobs
and graffiti tombs
where hashish was inhaled
and faith was gold

those were the happy days
trade bloomed
goats purred

silk and rugs were brought from
ivory and jade from chatay and

golden cows were bred in
but were annexed by israel
troy was razed by conan
of serbia

the stories go on
spreading confusion
as to who did whom
spinning the spindle

the time came to do
the redux
some say rome was involved
otherwise greeks were to blame

about then
a buddhist geek arrived in
tyre spreading word of
bliss and fire
he became popular and
opened a school
where people would masturbate
in yellow attire

jewish were jealous and
put him on donkey
he then swore to
payback a turnkey

using his avatar
he inseminated a classmate
then waited nine months
for proper gestation

his reincarnation
was anticipated by some
high ranking dudes
from mythical valley of
monitoring for breaches
in astrological sky

they arrived to palestine
following a supernova
but were scarred away
by hegemony's forces
just around
village of bethlehem
where babies were suspect

the old men of knowledge
realized that a blabbermouth
must have babbled

after a faithful struggle
they rescued the kin
and his family
and expedited them to a kibbutz
in alexandria
just across the great library

years in mist passed
and scholars are still baffled
on who instructed
the youngster to become
the master

they must've missed something
most probably
the notion of avatar
which didn't exist in pads of

the pyramids were still there
where caryatids dropped them
sphinx still had a nose

even though he grew in egypt
he only spake aramaic
but lets call it a truce

he learned to read
when he was three
not surprisingly
his mind was free

mother and father
worked really hard
and he had many siblings
but they kinda ignored him
for they preferred to play
doctors and balls

in his intimate mood
he would
intensely read gnostic and
punic equal
looking for a way to decipher
his own temporal vehicle

he didn't like the bhagavad gita
and the advertising bit
but he fell for gautama
and his thoughtless pit

he contemplated the light
of alexandrian pharos
in an early attempt to
demote octavian avgust

he was arrested for conspiracy
and sent to dubrovnik
to learn piracy

there he met an old serbian
who taught him the way of the
moray eel

when facing death
people change
they learn the value of
free will

an abyss open
a cancer scream
releasing dream

as he was gaining stamina
he hated the guts
of the authoritarian

thinking now in illyric
the bitter language of obstinacy
he groomed his spite

he traveled the sea and
mountains south
smoked cannabis
and slurped sour milk

by the time he reached crete
he had the big picture in mind
people were hopeless
and kings were all brats

his target was jerusalem
where dust and spice meet
a flower of deceit

a carthaginian convertee
pretending to be blind
asked him for a dime
i'll restore your sight
he said, if you name me

the pretender then fell
leaving his boot

thus he got himself into a
position on the highest
step and fired the