Thursday, July 31, 2014

indulging in hot quiet continental climate


indulging in hot quiet continental climate
(themes for the future)

i was sitting on pushkin grave
in kibbutz holy mountain where
he was buried after system killed
him with pistol wound
i never felt sorry for him
he probably deserved it after
his sweet poisoning secrete
just like joyce did to his one
and smoking my cigarette
there captain moritomo was
counting beads
beads!, those are not beads
i told him those are sand
but he did not care
and like lotreamon he would
dig for sunken mine-sweeper
kronstadt touching hurting wound
of epic struggle when working
class was embraced by incomprehensible
leon's maneuvering
and sunk dead under ilych systemic
wound from which he too died
even he didn't care
and i was contemplating aware
of the enormous strife to
justify stints and measures
of trotsky who was chopped
by systemic pick and then promptly
which had a prolonging effect on
cloning contemporary poetry of
what is important for people to
do to love each other and tolerate
any outcome
yeah, i said to moritomo, and he
replied: did you read the queen of swords?

my plant planet earth


my plant planet earth

lets not get sentimental here
i don't care about plants or
planet earth
and they are not mine
and what is mine
i don't care at all
i don't care i just don't
i see struggling thing
all over the place
trying to be mine
but it will never be
keep struggling
metonymic and metamorphic
you're my cigarette
for all i care

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

leukocyte poisoning


leukocyte poisoning

the noise and faces have come true
prescribe anti-gravity toys
find friends in bed

blackout dig


blackout dig
(ethical zone)

joe was sitting naked on a prickly rock
contemplating sea
when the ethical zone broadcasting
knocked him off into a
what the...!
information was aiming at his brain
mirroring images ability
which went blank black
next moment joe saw all the buzzes specks
and also in his wet eyelashes the sun
and this is how he realized there was a zone
inhabited with faces and voices
now needs to figure out
how to get there
that was his task
he swam and enjoyed the water
devising a vicious plan
an octopus came to his aid
he lent him some ink
in which joe disappeared
this time intentionally shut out
he couldn't bring back anything
because of discrepancy of intensity
and dilution of time and sensual
so he said i need a permanent
communication interface
a hole of a kind
to be drilled
and he began disconnecting the tiny
attachments and there were many
but the hole was being created
parallel spread and invisible everywhere

melt lead to tea


melt lead to tea
(themes for the future)

right kills left and right
left has license to kill
above kills from game
below compensates for traffic
once it was a lightning
scary grenade
mutilation pores
licking holy pastry
comparing graphics
germinating silent
brainz quagmire
doctors' enforcement
teenage resistance
be useful
screams in neighborhood
grains hail
what to expect
what to rain
blue lead
ants will know

solular cells


solular cells
(themes for the future)

africa is a factory
need buttons

i arrive in a cricket
land on nile feed on papyrus
sell fish to mutants
why not bloody eyes
why not dead legs
why not hot sperm
i'll find darwin's heart
in who we are jumbo
who we are you let me know
in history pleistocene
mandrill quadrille
eyebrow solar

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

mickey mouse teaches history


mickey mouse teaches history
(themes for the future)

my history book tells
about mickey mouse and
and mickey mouse won
i like mickey mouse
my neighbor says he always
votes for the winner
that way he stays on the
winning side
obviously his parents were
imbeciles who didn't teach him
the true value of democratic

Monday, July 28, 2014

idiots have no sense of humor


idiots have no sense of humor
(themes for the future)

i've seen dead people
honest in their death
that's where honesty is
i've never seen brave people
they must be dead too
life wouldn't be like this

goo goggles


goo goggles
(themes for the future)

my goo goggles informed me today was
the end of history
i was pretty sure they were broken
because history's end is not a
i hurried to the street corner and there was
pope on tv wearing goo goggles
saying judgment day was today
so i realized pope was broken too
for judgment day is not a
i rapid to highgate and there he was
wearing goo goggles advertising communism
as of today
i thought he too must be broken since
communism is not a date
i took off my goo goggles and rattled
them maybe it'll fix them

Sunday, July 27, 2014

château blanc


château blanc
(themes for the future)

a spear-man is guarding
moshav grenoble from
ski-men who criss-cross
quarantine and deliver ebola
last night two people had died
having choked on their
everyday porridge
abundant snow pours from
glacier destructed by ultrasound gale
climate officer is a robot
mixing time zones from cafeteria
tonight between shuffling chimes
spear-man kills a tourist
mistaken for sniper from another
how stupid one has to be
to tour irradiated no-man's zone
of dislodged europe
dark-bearded seasoned guardsman
who is really an immigrant contractor
stares at glimmering peaks
amid black ravines
visualizing frozen trout
his mother is in cabin sifting flour
it is just two of them now
and the robot inhabiting village
new wave of immigrants
will never make it
waters encircling alps
are turbulent and treacherous
and boats are made to soon fail
besides, what can one do
except hydrating soda and
melting brain knowing all this
an albino eagle lands on
top of the fresh icy grave
and uses crystal feathers
to project subliminal message
spear-bearing immigrant sees
orange-red blinking ticker:
it is frustrating when there is no
communication or control, isn't it?
says ticker addressing man's conscience
man's eyes crook
and he leans on spear
emptying bowels
weakness is pleasant and warm
he learns how liquidation feels
now listen to me carefully
eagle uses telepathy
i can help you
brought down to his knees
spear-man listens
i can save those refugees
and bring them here
for you to watch over them
eagle rhetorically pauses
you will again have a job
and a reason to live
or die in your own shit
spear-man thinks about his mother
who plays with worms in
he grasps his spear
its tip poised at eagle's beak
the bird retreats
spreading magnificent wings
weather-control robot senses
intensity surrounding last
remains of the old world
and activates a stratocirrus
communication breakdown
results in static
and spear-man dies ecstatic

Saturday, July 26, 2014

x-ray my soul

x-ray my soul
(themes for the future)

bear paws dangle at draft
as tribes move innocently
yurts remain
and in there i dream
into dream into dream
white buffalo skin
and don't know who i am
while microwaves wash through
and it is like wet
soul that i draw
to desiccate to
eternal hunting ground

immortal scar


immortal scar
(themes for the future)

i was wounded seven hundred
thousand times and survived
in one piece
in many pieces
i was likable and am likable
i'm carved with scars
i take care of scars and
arrange them meticulously
they constitute my constitution
and stamina
i even smile scar
i scar humor and philosophy
i'm unlimited scar bearer
i'm one fucking czar scar