Tuesday, July 1, 2014

freud saw maneuvers in bushes


freud saw maneuvers in bushes

camels and donkeys graze manna
and people are starving
water hides in rabbit hole

terrorists bag pyramid
stone pellets against iron flail
god smirks at creationist's grave

monopoly on books and food
brought war to peaceful jericho
flocks dirt and cheese panada

pelasti from athos anchored barque
at diacritical time
encumbered pigs with sinai dung

trade exploded and crete sunk
geese flew east cows swam bank
flood brought fish to temple

freud saw through it all
he cried and tears sprung wall
rotund hat flung to mire

traumatic is history
perhaps there's reason to it
man to kill man to defeat

breakout to freedom
stench and rage in pursuit
ran into god's prison feat