Sunday, July 27, 2014

château blanc


château blanc
(themes for the future)

a spear-man is guarding
moshav grenoble from
ski-men who criss-cross
quarantine and deliver ebola
last night two people had died
having choked on their
everyday porridge
abundant snow pours from
glacier destructed by ultrasound gale
climate officer is a robot
mixing time zones from cafeteria
tonight between shuffling chimes
spear-man kills a tourist
mistaken for sniper from another
how stupid one has to be
to tour irradiated no-man's zone
of dislodged europe
dark-bearded seasoned guardsman
who is really an immigrant contractor
stares at glimmering peaks
amid black ravines
visualizing frozen trout
his mother is in cabin sifting flour
it is just two of them now
and the robot inhabiting village
new wave of immigrants
will never make it
waters encircling alps
are turbulent and treacherous
and boats are made to soon fail
besides, what can one do
except hydrating soda and
melting brain knowing all this
an albino eagle lands on
top of the fresh icy grave
and uses crystal feathers
to project subliminal message
spear-bearing immigrant sees
orange-red blinking ticker:
it is frustrating when there is no
communication or control, isn't it?
says ticker addressing man's conscience
man's eyes crook
and he leans on spear
emptying bowels
weakness is pleasant and warm
he learns how liquidation feels
now listen to me carefully
eagle uses telepathy
i can help you
brought down to his knees
spear-man listens
i can save those refugees
and bring them here
for you to watch over them
eagle rhetorically pauses
you will again have a job
and a reason to live
or die in your own shit
spear-man thinks about his mother
who plays with worms in
he grasps his spear
its tip poised at eagle's beak
the bird retreats
spreading magnificent wings
weather-control robot senses
intensity surrounding last
remains of the old world
and activates a stratocirrus
communication breakdown
results in static
and spear-man dies ecstatic