Saturday, July 19, 2014



Asemic is another name for informal, as in abstract art.
Asemic text, a poem, may have all the necessary properties of poetry: rhythm, sound, force impact (which is intuition – the insight). Therefore, letter formations which are not recognizable as words are in function of poetry, despite the fact that language itself is not represented. The question arises: is language the necessary property of poetry or is it not?
Artistic or poetical method is using difference in potential to paint the universe of facts, but the “meaning” of this universe is not part of the method. The meaning is strictly result of an ideological, hierarchical system used to “organize” facts and by doing so giving them the “meaning”, by means of conditioning these elements of the picture in certain order of dependence. Thus, meaning is interpretation. Such system of interpretation is language.

It is possible to use existing words of a language in an asemic fashion.
This may be confusing, but fooling around with the supposed and appropriated meaning of words will destroy the conventional interpretation — it is also called the “deconstruction” of language. So, this is also valid poetical method, although the text may appear not to be asemic at first glance.

The asemic way to define the poetical method is given in Signalist Theory of Everything, in one (asemic) sentence:
The relationship between the abstract and the concrete is the analysis.”
The “everything” here is the contents of the whole Universe, but it is not defined as numerous distinctive “facts” (which are normally perceived by our senses). The infinite elements of the Universe, subjected to analysis are translated into the abstract, so their “reality” is twofold — ambivalent or absurd. Analysis surpasses time/space relevance and brings all into one place at the same time. This is the work of the “force”, of the abstract — the energy. This poetical position allows total creativity.

It is obvious that the condition for poetical method to be applied is the knowledge. With knowledge of “forms” and their common properties, it is possible to deal with them without an axiomatic (arbitrary) system, such as are language or mathematics.
Acting from the position of the abstract, poet can create his own order of events without using any kind of conditioning and by doing so the result will be asemic, although perfectly discernible.

Synonyms for analysis are: truth, deconstruction, art, poetics, drama, death, etc.