Wednesday, October 29, 2014

croc ballad


croc ballad

i was digging crocodiles in the valley of nile
for eggs
it was the seventh year of famine
and the pharaoh was reading book of the
dead giggled by tadpoles in his fountain

even before the pyramids
long before domestication of milk
egg-white was the cheese

other landmarks lined the horizon at the time
temples were but pile of rocks
the biggest thing was baobab
and lions were shitting bad when masai

smell caught in the sands of amazonia
rotting wood in madagascar
found a thorn in gorilla's tooth
those were the headlines

but i was childish in smell patterns
armed with catapult precision was my feat
the era of gold preceded birth control
and babies smelled really gad

excess in wheat destroyed boogie gods
ditches ruined nests
pushy bushmen founded katanga

and now where do crocks fit
amazon isn't a river anymore
fins are soup and wings are crisp
cheese is but a smile of me