Wednesday, August 13, 2014

If Venus was Wise

If Venus was Wise
(themes for the future)

Joe was riding the wilderness of
Happy hunting grounds where the white
man cannot go and stumbled upon
Timur the Lame, who was picking
radishes and chewing them with gusto.
Is the time short now? he asked, his
mouth full of red.
Tiny voice from darkness above
entered the scene:
Hey, you, she said, don't ask Joe, ask me!
Whomever, said Timur splattering.
I'll tell you about shortness of time.
Good, said Timur with relief. I have some
jobs left unfinished.
Joe, who was not alone, but with
captain Moritomo, just looked from
under the brow.
Moritomo leaned towards him and
whispered: If the time is End, then Timur
will be back in many aspects.
Look, said Joe, it must be. The extinction
has begun.
Athens was smiling looking at them.
So, it is darkness where the wisdom
comes from, thought Joe.
It's my turn now, said she.
I'm sudden