Tuesday, August 5, 2014

poet in matsuhara


poet in matsuhara
(themes for the future)

i was visiting islands in upper
europa kayaking between gallows and
wallows of diffused blue hills
which once used to melt into mighty rivers
danube and laba now undulated
by streaming oceans of warming Earth
there for a cent you can buy a gallon
of wine munch prosciutto with a jigger
of grappa chewing social themes
with a israelite proselyte or muscovite tinker
stranded on abated peaks of history
but i didn't do that
i just watched faces in breaking waves
arising and ungoing life to death
so what's the deal i talked to the mouths in
they seemed to be engaged
in permanent kiss suckling each other hard
lets be realistic the noise of importance
is all faded in winds of grind
and i was feeling like going quiet