Friday, August 1, 2014

cabbage coda beak

cabbage coda beak
(themes for the future)

i was cooking cabbage in ashram monrovia
for captain america and me
he was opening his soul as scent
activated molecular memorial sensors
this reminds me, he said, of situation
code break adamant leak ―
we had cabbage for lunch and children
playing corrida
six of them against a toreador who hadn't killed yet
he had to kill them all to become a
that's a big deal, said i, what happened then?
he killed them all, replied he
for real? asked i
yeah, no screwing around, we got
ourselves a matador
i added some ground paprika and
so, what's with “situation”? i saw pain
in his eye
situation was desperate
we were compromised
it was in benghasi everything burnt
no science grid, jamming all over the place
communications scrambled eggs
i added soy sauce, this should taste!
i had my doubts
man made river was spewing oil
and the mediterranean was on fire
enemies everyone firing at us
a printing shop, organic food dealership
shot me in the face
i had to cover my but and run
little angry insulted people chasing me
i looked at him, he was cool
smiling, resigned
this is the kind of soldier one has to like
the drama increased when boeing fell on us
it was an atentát attempt
but its robotics were jammed too
that's why they call it Jam War, blundered i
the pulsating invisible magnetics won the war
where was you? he asked
i entered my avatar when thundercloud
swallowed europa
so you died, paused he
i didn't like the color of rain
i replied