Sunday, August 3, 2014

ebola free anarchy


ebola free anarchy
(themes for the future)

i was drinking mineral water in myanmar
caboose free railway center
where ebola count was zero
they were dead anyway
bad smell toppling houses
they were empty anyway
tropical rain soaking rednecks
in trenches where they died
defending world view of the few
my chibouk was dry
i couldn't cry
a buddhist in mahogany refused
to pay the anarchy fee
he smiled his tiger face
we are all free from rupakaya,
said he
i don't like those who pay, said i
it means they owe
i don't owe shit, said the monk
he was from scranton, PA, a steel
worker's son
but refused to work
and was cursed
yeah, torrents filled the river's mouth
jungle seemed to float
ballard was right
the assembling point was on the move
and the dying hard all dyed