Tuesday, August 12, 2014

moritomo vs human snails

moritomo vs human snails
(themes for the future)

i once met captain moritomo
in shallow lukewarm waters of paradise
he was collecting snails from rocks covered
with algae for his handy aquarium
snails are very hungry, he said, they are
protrusion of algae, you see
i asked him to explain why would algae
want a protrusion of themselves to
they have the idea of limited growth,
he said, you see
they were the first to come and will be
the last to go, you see
moritomo washed his face with the
water of paradise
humans did not have the idea of limited
growth so they grew and their snails
grew, and then more and more human
snails grew until the whole planet was
maimed and another great extinction
occurred, you see
i see, i saw