Sunday, August 17, 2014

why the poor serve the poor


why the poor serve the poor
(if not in headline not in text body)

why are the poor formed poor
because they have short vocabulary
they can say what can i do for you
not what can i do to you
how can i help you
not i can help you
they need to be told how and what
because this is very condensed vocabulary
and the span of their thoughts is in
they need to be deformed in order to
improve relationships
because they need a lawyer to understand
what they have gotten into is not friendship
the poor go to the elementary school
where they are taught basic geography
which will confuse them enough
to be formed around limited attention
and disinterested in revolution of the sun
or other tricky questions like why there are
seasons of the year
the poor believe in society like there is no
other option only the problem is corruption
of the rich and their public servants