Tuesday, August 26, 2014

joe meets jordan brown


joe meets jordan brown
(themes for the future)

i was visiting kibbutz tokyo
for a seminary on global lobotomy
at mishima tea museum
where shinoyama's hazel blood rests
along the sword that chopped
fuji's head off
and there was jordan brown resurrected
choking on sour cherries

with ocean of matsuhara
heaving its spring mist
i looked at the man whose torso
towered above blue chicory ikebana
florets on his chin
an impressionist would extrapolate
beads of sweat
or stars in his eyes
but i could only see fire in this beast

i carefully removed fruit from his mouth
and wiped clean corners
peeked inside and found trigger tooth
it had to be activated by a kiss
so i hired a geisha to do the dirty job
and start the machinery

giant leaves of a ficus variation
kept me cool as jordan brown
reverberated hadron goo into
lepton poo galaxy building malt
hurling all the surviving scientists
since the trial of galilei
back in time to the point of reset
putting galileo on stake
i asked him: why?
he said: cause it's all fake

the present confirms history's blasphemy
interpolation of land and sea
and separation of mind and body
the massive reflection scattered within
its own perfection
the entrails of fukushima
and activity of overgrown social cores
resulting in transverberate spores
emitting stupidity
do you agree?

i was drowsy on geisha's belly
couldn't even nod my head
so i gave him a thumb-up