Monday, August 31, 2009


He surprised me

I wasn't shod

Breeze sailed

Marge, Marge, calm down

They teach them only after they die

He tickled me

My soles

I did not expect

Such a shock

I'll get over it

I'm not hysterical

In case the ship sinks

Wear on yellow T-shirts

Sandals of cork wood

I've seen it all

In a wave

That's the agreement

Written, only for the

Dead to hear

I grabbed my bathrobe

And run

The ship capsized

They fell under its side

Some resurfaced


Hull turned

They rambled away

I saw them in

Wave's mirror

In vapor

My slippers are


Whirlpool appeared

All night

Lightning flashed

From within the sea

One after another

Surfaced thunders

Optical delusions in


It was a beautiful evening

And outside – storm

I came out into rain

Everyone run for shelter

It was terrifying

Water flew

At one moment

Rain evaporated

I felt electricity

Lightning hit

By the side

I glimmered

They fired in bursts

Ship changed direction

She trembled

She did not understand

Then music was heard

Warm bodies under water

Fuel spilled

Lightning lit


Deep tones

Reticulated grayness

I knew, those were the

Destructive coils

From northern forests

We sailed towards the coast

People kneeling

Standing up from water