Wednesday, July 9, 2014

space slug brain surgery


space slug brain surgery

crime is legal
honesty is chain
for brain

i have explored alien ways
stale pools and cold waves
dialogs of loom
broken glass of cymbal
choked on sugar wool

an' i've concluded
the situation is thus
our state of mind is truss
with god in our ass

the shower has fallen
the good ol' diluvium
inside our mind
and we 're drowned

it must be some kind of
since there's a big bald
electromagnetic cloud
around the planet
clogging information
from the galactic array

a dolphin talked to me
in high pitched screech ―
(i was meditating sound
so i understood the speech)

there were men
before the flood
they were not industrial
they died wise and young

one day
electromagnetic slug
a deep space spammer
entered the atmosphere
and tweaked earth's wiring
forcing solar broadcast to deflect
destroying planet's singing

a new breed of men
came about
with extended life span
but considerably weaker

prodigy was traded for longevity
courage for domesticity
solitude for collectivity
quality for productivity

cheap world they have created

i can see that said i
from quietude
i can see the filling
in their killing

dolphin flipped his tail
and now the time has come
continued he in ultrasonic
for slug to face its bane

which sounded a bit ironic
for ideas have spread
through billions of heads
and rearranged earth's bionics

i expressed my concern
the alien has amassed
and developed technology
of ufology

the slug is using poverty
drive to control gray proles
explained dolphin playing
tuna fish

it's slick and slime that's
semantics is painful
and furor is fun

so what's the catch
i entered higher state of
if they're having fun
what's the pun

a blue whale entered the
surf played with pebble
and pines emanated cicadae
i was sucked into his

the whale introduced me
to the circuits and strings
of ocean's side-works
invisible to men

huge intensity of gamma-waves
and ocean streams
washed my glandular spells
tuna's tunes ran wild

a burst of stellar exhale
shook whale's body
and me with it
it was spear articulated
and i blanked

all my receptors
returned from nirvana
which was like jet ink
on raven's wing

certainly i have received
message but where was it

an old guru advised me once
when you're mystical whale
all will disappear
if you stare it back
it will sneak to kill

snake is made of rings
so the rings come alive
dangling in my skull
shake and squeeze
it's a rattle

it's a god damn complicated
i already complained
uncomfortable and time
the created cosmos is junk
where arms and legs
get trucked

but i saw the alien's revolution
was about rearranging
and i was lucky to get there
so when you see red flags
you should know
the fish is showing gills
and is about to incite
more organ carriers

gad i hate carnelians

war is culmination of
god's gardening

as i indulged in disgust
there was donbas and damasq
and many little screeches
on cellulars

the mixing contents
but no binding
a diarrhea

so i was thinking noah
and damage control
and crazy methuselah
and preservation theory
and the slug was
oozing life for a second chance

and about that second chance
what do you think
about first chance
has it expired?

i rattled my rattle in disbelief

put noah into my skin
what is sin asked i
without delay he replied
crave for life

this might be right
thought i with his head
though it was filled with
toads and crabs

there too was the slug curled
right outside pineal gland

you are granted
a democratic right
to be intelligent all you want
mocked him i
but i have acid-screened my
brain barrier
and your gonna asphyxiate

listen, bubbled slug out
let's make a deal...

god i laughed

cauterize it suggested noah
i'll hold your hand

slug was promising silk and milk
digging honduras canal
digitalizing madagascar
reprinting bible

i went back to the beach
and called in seagull
hey i said as bird landed
on my head
i have a morsel for you

seagull pecked ―
space slug squeaked