Wednesday, July 30, 2014

blackout dig


blackout dig
(ethical zone)

joe was sitting naked on a prickly rock
contemplating sea
when the ethical zone broadcasting
knocked him off into a
what the...!
information was aiming at his brain
mirroring images ability
which went blank black
next moment joe saw all the buzzes specks
and also in his wet eyelashes the sun
and this is how he realized there was a zone
inhabited with faces and voices
now needs to figure out
how to get there
that was his task
he swam and enjoyed the water
devising a vicious plan
an octopus came to his aid
he lent him some ink
in which joe disappeared
this time intentionally shut out
he couldn't bring back anything
because of discrepancy of intensity
and dilution of time and sensual
so he said i need a permanent
communication interface
a hole of a kind
to be drilled
and he began disconnecting the tiny
attachments and there were many
but the hole was being created
parallel spread and invisible everywhere