Tuesday, June 3, 2014

end of road borg


end of road borg

in far galaxy
far quadrant far
far galaxy
end of road borg
end of end
borg pulp borg malt
end of borg malt
pulp malt road
where i was on skat and
skip trip i was skip
skip skip
and borg was on malt
on sugar pulp
was pulp
of it
was it
it it
was sugar malt
pulp malt
was pregnant borg
was i on pregnant borg
was borg on i
was i on borg
was hook hook hook
borg hook
i scat

not long before after before
i met borg in bungalow
i and borg and bungalow
and borg peek peep pip
i hook hook borg
borg peep beep
i hook hook hook
dead borg

i took dead borg on ship
my ship dead borg
i ship borg
to nicomedia, to avalon
i ship to engineer
doctor xavier
doctor who xavier dead borg
who dead borg check

checked he dead borg
said he borg anatomically
pulp soup pulp
said he said i i borg hook
i said i hook or i peep beep
said doctor xavier doctor who
anatomically borg you
anatomically who borg malt
you soup borg pulp

then i took borg part borg
part here pulp part malt
part soup said i
take borg ship part
take borg apart

got parts work parts in parts
got work borg parts in me

work listen borg work listen
work me borg