Friday, May 3, 2013



A collection of poems soon to be published in a book, in Serbian only.

The English version was written parallel to Serbian and is not simply a translation.

Poems came to be in a continuous burst during four months, from December 2012 to March 2013. Only few of them were written earlier than that.

The choice was made with help of Miroljub Todorovic.

Thrushes in Hell

I played with catbirds in Dark world
They fluttered around with twitter in eyes
Tiny feathers made corridor of Hell
Beaks punctured leather for mask
Chief Devil hung upside-down and baited
All about, magpies in distress, crossed themselves
Pecking beans of river of beans rushing
From broken sacks of Hell
Sharply I watched
Looking for visions of previous poets
From inside me crawled out logos
He was hungry and ate a bush with okapi
Trill increased but I was already empty
Engine wasn't working
I could have created Paradise in that place
Night and stars, Sun and lake
And fantasize

Lizard experiments

Deep inside is lizard
And around is apple

Face is still
But tear is rolling
Whereto travels tear?

Which way may soul exit
Who will move to meet it
On the edge of knife dew...


Empty of shapes
Early, without horizons
Light without touch
Eye, two doubloons

I collect corals
Those are hers, hers, hers
But, keeps quiet
Rattle teeth
Twisted mustache
She doesn't speak

Crushed crane
Friable thighs
Carmine in pond
No lips
Empty ribs

They killed her frozen
Gnawed her spleen
Hip rolled away
Breasts skinned
Crackled shoe, one

Look, search, search
I bend above
Sea in dust
Wooden furrows burnt
I will not find

I stepped into mud
Into clay silt
Red algae
I will not pull out

Mashed ocular
Did not realize it was so
Blue metal

There is one formless
Planet, rich with tiny
In its atmosphere
They brought it
To be death

This is the last site of
I will silent sky
To go away
To remove itself

I knew pictures
I saw them
They watched me
I ate
I spawned snowdrops
But, what have I loved?

She fell apart
On a dress

Hagar Qim

Once there was a dolphin throne in Malta
Their whistling
Carved space in stone
And in bedrock, by sweat, dented shape
Of pelvis

Hammam, with cannabis ash
Surrounded with rivulets of the

With X-rays, reaped bones can be seen
Wires stretched between standing stones
And a heap of raven wings

Dancing podium and lonely woman
A morning-inspired

The last blue stone fell
Stomped on by goats
Into sharp layers of sea

Don't listen to soles
Nor gravediggers of the world
Fly away, fly away

Freeing of Korea

Body talks to head
With incomprehensible tincture
And ugly eyes
Skin whips knit salute
In warm bed

Transient moments are many
In rivers are fields
Fat paprika
Give wide palmed
Plated beauty
To sinister foam
For in white shirt
Is hidden evil of shame
Naked, confused

On a beach
Fog escaped from dreams
On the other side of barrier
That curves into pit

Planks which are home
Swallow laugh
Silence, shrunk into lime
Head awed falls
Towards muddied body
Birch in flesh
Grass in vat
Hot water

In orange glass
Dimmed by salt
Wrinkled eyes
And head top covered by ocean
Hurricane stripes
Where go white
Birds cuckoos
Into turquoise and iamb

Who Nakeded Cliffs

Skilled sparrow-men hunted
In bloody bushes
And trappers in vacant lots
Wet grass

Boxers and swallow-men
With their fists beat
Delicacies and jingles
In fire

They hid, startled
Deers and orioles
From hairy buttocks
That ate
Chitterlings for

Of wool are chords
And dresses of hemp
Smoked in death-rattle
For dinner come of age

And in the morning drunken
In skin of centennial


While Stallion Trots after Loafs

In venereal fields wet-haired
Golems burst with blue patterns
In resting behaved condescending
And towards ladies smarmy

Magritte's Rouge

In lips soul can be seen
Thick clouds
With electric teeth

Dog's Beer

Pigeons came in
When wind blew
And then crow with spectacles
Pushed in
To read titles
Already they have become
Thirsty of beer
Gossip and
Piano music

Hundred Views of Popocatepetl

Old like Popocatepetl
In neurone mirror
Sick from fungicide
He reads stomped newspaper
In text he finds interesting news
Walks from guardhouse
With aglow nostrils
New dose will arrive
After certain minutes pass
In the meantime Miljacka flows
And dogs run between aged vines
Ash caught upon streetcar rails
Inside collage, among books
Because of sudden moving
He stops his heart
For his favorite longing to expire
Attached to the branches
Sad maids
Unsettling drops of dew
Hoofs through fog
Towards Bosna source

In green earrings

I didn't want to dream
While they, possessed, cute, shopped
I was positive I was in a dream
At the promenade
With females and fur-caps
In Asia Minor
I saw them coming
Through the ethnic agency
With father who breaches breath uphill
And young, pregnant, spouse
Dog in teeth
With red tongue
I did not dream
But from the border rattled
Bellies with twin-wombs
The world is already erased
I concluded, watching out
Not to tumble down
These highlanders can't see us
Nor can these beauties
Who predict future
But today, I was right
Yesterday I saw
Alien matter
In angora and flannel
Distributed over bright sky
From rural dunes
As they suffer from strangulation
With cobweb in throats


I wrote a book
For autistic kids
They halted
Before the title
I wasn't worried for diagnosis
Maybe they have worms in heads?
They are born like that
And mothers cry
I explained with semaphore
Problem is in health
Flea on rats
Transfer carcinoma
By electric bugs

Song of Chaos and Revolution

River Neva floats skeleton
Up, again, they planted ginger
On blue Tatra and yellow gromila
Gave birth to compass with red
I read the Book of Wormwood
Various teas from horned nuts
Wild Orgy passes fields
Frost brought contagion
Sing while they twiddle
Necks stiffened
Now will fool around coverings
In the solemn underwear
Sleep with sleeping mares
While they poke your nerve
In somber news of Victory
Will be better

The Only Way to...

King of wave riders
Was angry at seagulls
Because they rested floating
You don't ride like that!”, shouted he
From top of the mountain
Soon enough his wave
Hit the coast


From face bursts madness
Fair and clever
Alas it fell dirty hands
Under heaven's spotlights
In golden carriage
And strings of voice
Stolen from angels

Never Back into Box

Mechanical ballerina
And musical cylinder
Live in a box
And infinite variations of
Mirroring neurons
In echoing bang
But, that is life...
While in death
Exist no ties
Nor sentiment
Vase with flowers
Or comfortable home
Or what is made up
In between

How Orson Welles and Herbert George Wells...

In October 1938, Orson Welles
Broadcasted a reportage on war,
By cosmonaut and futurist,
Herbert George Wells...
Namely, Neville Chamberlain
Masterly put Adolf Hitler on
And other famous world's names
While Winston Churchill
Prepared Martian fleet
And covered up confident documents
Simultaneously, let us remember,
IBM monitored meteoroid trajectories
And organized their destruction
Shortly after that, into British plans
A machinery got involved
Created by anonymous inventor from
Madison avenue
Which killed Johnny and Bobby...
Even more confusion reigned
And no one was able to tell
Who kills who
A sole hope survived that on Mars
Something still moves

Seven Dragon's Scales

Wind landed a story
Leaf bitten by frost
It's whirling descent captured my attention
A mean reptile, suspected of
Hosting hidden intelligence
Behind its bloody irises and wet gums
Ten minutes of silence
After taking it apart seven times
I put it back together and set it
Its eight pairs of legs moved and
I monitor plague, frosting
Ceramic melting on electric firs
And Dragon in the sky, lost in fog
I worry for its energy
Moon looks ill
It focuses strength of all madness
Unbearable, another winter followed by vapor
Unbutton and undress
I seek Dragon

Mass Stepmother

Drone Nobel mass alcoholic
Passive hit-man terrain Hirohito
Blues queen shepherdess satyress
Hades tabulatorix and labor monasterix
French toast workerine pastille and tortilla

Holy Hand Grenade

Devil created embryo
Soliloquy of madness
Atavistic encyclopedia

Screw You Jimi Hendrix

How is it in Hell, Jimi?
Are the fishes fresh, phosphorus, saltpeter?
Who adjusts your magnets, Ronny Reagan?
Imagine, they introduced chakras to school system.
Cars now have keyboards.
Cacti are source of food.
To church we go on Mondays.
Wah-wah is mandatory when introducing.
How are you? Burning?
And bell-bottoms...
Revolvers, in the morning, for breakfast, in oil.
By wires to outer planets,
not to worry about bent space.
Frankly, I hate white glass the most.
And penguins in sandwich.

Never Forgiveness

I will hate you still
Although it's a low passion
And about high passions – I don't know
They kill from heights?
Beware of long nights
Sleep if you can
Yet, if ice age comes
Hatred is fire
Grapes in glacier
I'll spill your brain
Out on the western plain

There are Houses...

There are houses
There are ants
Around is stomped
There is communication to others
You will not know who killed you
Which ant
By which ant

Death From Fable

Death has no scythe but sack
Wrongly they depicted it
I know, when I waited for her
She stared at heart
Then brain
It, too, deleted
Do you have anything?”, she asked
Not, me.”
Then, nada.”

Over the Next Ocean...

Over the frozen sea comrade frozen
Bring me heart of your homeland
In blue-white mosques Damascene
From high mountains white
And on your forehead beating division's flag
And pure marching song of

How Davy Crockett Enamored Muse

Davy Crockett loved Mooze
Because she hit him into brain
Stomped under bed an rag-carpet
And didn't nudge him to fold clothes
She too loved him
Because she enjoyed joyful world of
Squirrels and racoons
And for general Santa Anna
They only had one message:
Go fuck yer momma!

New Nobles Should be Mowed

New little flames on cake
Launch into rivulets of joy
To burn, burn, burn

Which did not Love

Those which were not in love
They brooded
And became lands and peoples

Price of Salvation

God assured me
Heavens will not send any more
I rejoiced
In future, they told me
Prayer will cost you

Hope is a Lousy Mistress

Hope is a Lousy Mistress
Up to the Moon, and further than dreams
Cools while you descend into

Role of Religion

While lady was kissing her son
Sheik bought his father
Lions strolled in the garden
And in five minutes tea boiled
She took off socks and rolled her eyes
In a cold room of silver
Where she experienced religious conversion
Sheik demanded papers and pipe
Nerve endings in skin
Ramose and black, fidgeted
Fire burnt in the background, in mantlepiece
And slowly it became warmer
She uncovered herself and prayed to God


Old Romans spake Serbian
Old Serbs spake Roman
Morlocks never changed

Crow's Fruit

There are too many dreams
Like sugar sand
Each facet pops rage
With red tip of lip
Black and yellow paints
And in hazy orchard
Of dirt


Rain fell
And all is black
Fireballs lower their glance
And distant future has already
Buried links
And when the storm comes waters will rise
Dissolving salts
And who will see, between stars
Bottom to which he sinks

Poet to Poet

Poets were buried by poets
Food for poets, that are poets
Maddened, crazy, malicious

And What did Waiter Expect?

I cooked ceders from Sinai
Fried Muscovite dung
Shredded Hadrian's leek
Jumbled Pisistratus into Wellington
Germanic spaghetti into Varanasi ketchup
Breastfed moray with carp's boobs
Horns from Klis upon Peking couscous
Crumbled eggnog into Heinz
And broiler pate into Schwaben hash
Deloused Wolfgang into Višnjić textbook
And pricked Canon on toothpick

And Golden Fish Gone Silent

Military grade program stuck by the word “prick”
Who “wants prick”? What that mean?
Prick” is a code for – WTF?
And when it stumbled at “My prick hurts!”
Program snapped like emperor's cinch

He Panders your Fishlets

Without fishlets you are nobody
Feed fishlets so they don't starve
Because they are your I

Wagner and Tchaikovsky ruined Music

Debaucher rode swan and landed on lake
Young bride's father ate kebab and watered wine
Overtly made up evil widow seduced Korchagin
King was murdered inside stage coach
Beggar was confined in home detention
Will Iago overcome Othello
And, the award question:
Who did Tchaikovsky put to sleep?

While They're Pulling out Africa's Innards

My life is so short
I need to pad myself so much
Read a book-or-two
And die with surplus energy

Hitchhikers' Guide for Al Qaeda
(episode – Texas!)

Come to Texas and speak freely
Be sheriff’s deputy for justice
Bring your portable mosque
Cruise Rio Grande by plane
Sleep in Stetson
One day in elementary school
Straighten up border with New Mexico
Davy Crockett – predecessor of martyrs?
What is tequila and what's tortilla

Be Samurai in Cherrybone

In summer's shade
Fat samurai
Among cherrybones

Oh Catty!

Oh cat Oh cat Oh cat
Bear me a piglet

And where is Lucky Luke?

They forbade him smoking
And Jolly took him
Far away from doctors

Blake Conducts Investigation

In flower Baudelaire's ugly butt
Who fucked his uber-lie?
Let Mallarmé pray...
Paris is that, girls love
Mysterious paupers
Who bloom in semidarkness

Misery and Poverty Cooked Potatoes

Last night hungry Greeks
Slaughtered Cerberus
Corpse fell to Jerusalem
They baked heads
In golden homes
Black mass of brains
Took off into dusk
To conceive with

Peacefully to Deserts

Lift up the engine from desert
Let its tip enchant
White pupils
Of the sick
By soft road to womb
Whence milk flows
Into cold children mouths
Smoke from cosmos slowly
Into alveoli
And blood merges with the setting
New bodies, like coral
Feed fire

Church of Revolution

Do not pollute me with today's day
Turn off arms, forks, bread
In the Church of Revolution God is hungry
Sin is invisible
Empirically unprovable
And chimes call
To keep quiet

Origin of Private Property

Here was placed a sign
By armed workers
There was a gunfight
With work tools
It is hard not to wonder
Because investments brought happiness
To the poor

God is Eros

Ocean queries about the new dead
It would like to know when will begin
From the air come rumors
Octopi, squids and rays
Found a bottle with message
Old man from the cave writes
My Eros has risen!”

Flower and Bumblebee

I have nothing to show you,
Says flower, except nakedness.
I have nothing from your nakedness,
Says bumblebee, I only care about your
But, that candy is, says flower,
The essence of my nakedness!
I don't care, says bumblebee,
I don't want to think!

Buddha and Elephant

Elephant ate tree
And from tree could be made
Teeter, house, chiffonier, bench
Never mind, I gave him the apples
Although, it was not a tame elephant
I observed wilderness in him
Mountains and forests, clouds and river
Rain flowed down the skin
Seeds germinated from folds
Great wheat savannah with
Castles and pagodas
In that dream people moved
Worked, slept on heaps
Huge mirror was built
In which truth could not be found
Sand winnowed
I woke up under the tree
And the elephant just waved


In Linden street, Moritomo
cries over radio-silence,
electrophones had lit up the city.
It is pointless!”, bellow people,
Is there no God in cosmos?”
I will walk through you”, he decided.
Where plasma passes, there is no blood.”
He rejoices, because Space is full of
unreasonable bloodsuckers.
Sooty machines drooping into the
He is emptied”, collude men
while he passes through them. “Dry.”
They are wounded and immobile, but do talk.
Specter of matter.
In sea the shellfish arose.
Now is really the end”, states he while
emptying from forms.
He has released ink”, says one,
who is illiterate. “He is hiding”, adds
another and drops dead.
Here you are, tattoo yourselves”, are his
last words.


Here is cage, and bird flew away
Scientist sees ruined cage
Now will death”, says he
And of bird he has forgotten

Food for Carp

Hammer broke nut
Genes from legumes fed
Carps' graves
Fear stopped him cold
He laughs and lies
Gene for laughing releases bubbles
One more line in geometry
Lifted towards Universe
I will no more be merciful
Here, have your lobsters
I abhor


You will become caviar
You will travel by seed
Red earth in stone
Water's food
Ice and fire, as need be
Soul's mirror
Drawings on wall
And until you deliver
You will love the evasive
And electron that permeates you
Will hurt


Where eternal humans are
In mountain
Faces letters of alphabet
Brain marrow of skull
Smooth objects in hand
And on this side
Echos in cave
Of jade

Moritomo goes to Mars

Moritomo brought fry-pan to Mars
They said there's water
And where's water, there's – fish
In the world of illusionists
Bring your own accessories

Evil Electron

Wind brought cloud
We thought it was bugs
Sun light was teeming
Through greasy corpuscles
It was World's Soul
Swollen in the West
Their electrons
Connected by resonance
Forced them to drink blood
And other scents
We slept
To recuperate
Fear from short circuit
Made our bodies

Boltzmann's Brain

You have a chariot
And you have a horse
And now you need Boltzmann's
Intelligence to put all that in

Perfect Thought

Caterpillar’s job is
To fatten
On buttocks, it has horns and
Faked face
It consists of a one fiber muscle
Rudimentary eyes and
Olfactory nerve
To fatten
There is mouth – and no anus
All it eats
Turns into butterfly


Perfect Sky
In petal's lap
With baby

Where is your secret?

You are practical, I don't know
Who you learned that from?