Friday, April 13, 2007

Ballad of the One

(an old one)

ballad of the one

bonfire and mist
how to put together sun and moon
but here two suns, like one
chase across the sky
and one is day and one is night

when I walk, I never know
when I sleep I never wake
and if I look I see
white skies and mist
and distant peaks

and their ice

strange… here no winds blow
and fire burns profondo red
and transparent;
smoke invisible
and crack of twigs like
perturbs my sight
I look at them unmoved

I sit on beach and watch
the foam
feet deep in sand
water climbs, retreats...
bent, I touch, I hear
I sing
salamander comes
salamander whispers in my ear

his eyes‘ lustre‘s black and
matching mine
magic bursts and sprays my
loneliness, paleness
hum and tune

is this world alive

I don‘t ask for miracles.

I: unusually slow -
heart is dead.

it is nothingness:
I inhale the scent
deep, in flesh
the river flows, somewhere
stones protrude

I have to split
these two:

I am now in a different mood
how did it move?
I stood
I am bigger than this world

bitter clarions cry
but I hush
not of one my words was heard
no one heard
(that I want night)
I want dripping blood

and in night I want
to see the stars


a complete change, and cold
breeze, and I want the heat
it hides
somewhere, around
I feel with my hands
I go out

snowflakes on the edge

on stiletto

the mist still there
and no fantasy to smile
it means death
it means near-distance
it means quartz
pure light

abysses! but nowhere to fall
it dissipates
I think what I see
and it makes me bow

the turmoil is over, the song of the world
who is to speak when there‘s no I
if I say I
do I escape from

if I say you
do you escape

up in the sky two suns sneak
one is day the other night
mist twirls
lightings hit

I wake up from the dream
I see myself asleep

frog krrrraks!
it heaves
it was born yesterday
and it‘s big

too old, I say
I go
there is an eye in the sky
it was also seen

escape, escape from this
but nothing shakes
trees hover
moss sticks
I can‘t

dream no dream
like the whole universe in one
one dream in the sky
another in the sky
just how long it takes
everyone to die


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