Monday, July 20, 2015

Self-awareness and AI


Self-awareness and AI

Self-awareness is self-confirmation. One feels itself and therefore - is. That is also called consciousness and it is always the contents which is (pretends to be) oneself.

Thus the "problem" of moving consciousness, for instance, man's consciousness into a machine (computer). Consciousness cannot be moved in any other way but by projecting, and the problem is it projects itself, no one else can project it (or move it).

This is the false problem of AI. Artificial intelligence is supposed to make its own decisions based on its own experience. But, one can only experience itself, therefore AI is nothing but an autocratic machine (and all machines are actually that, following its own protocols). There is no intelligence in that. AI is a bureaucratic machine and has no compassion, only authority. There is no such thing as compassion, it is a false idea advertising hope.

When Kafka said "there is hope but not for humankind", that's why he said it. Humankind is conquered by ideas. Humans automatically defend any idea that controls them. Ideas control people because they are demanding attention and non-stop advertising themselves (which equals their contents). Faithfulness is a common property of all ideas and humans automatically jump to defend their master, sacrificing themselves and others. It is noticeable in all events in this world, just look at the politics: racism, different beliefs - religion or social, tradition, nation, etc.